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All you awesome $5+ Patrons get entered in a contest for the chance to have a monthy Patreon-live chat with me along with  downloads of all my cover and original songs/raps as soon as the video and/or audio is released (plus previous rewards)!
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Hey everybody!!!
I'm Summer, I'm an Aspie and I LOVE art!!! I've actually started loving art since I was 4, so that's a LOOOOOOONG time! I also like music, reading, and exercising too...Anyway I LOOOOOOOVEEE Total Drama, like My Little Pony, and am a proud fan of Mike, Gwen, Cody, Pinkie Pie, Flutter Shy, & Twilight! There's a whole BUNCH of other shows that I like, but that would be too much to type! I'm also a quarter Greek, Hungarian, Irish, and American. And last but definetly NOT least, I'm a Non-Denominational (aka Pentecostal) Christian!!! GOD.IS.AMAZING!!!
[email protected]
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Expect new covers and singles coming out on my rap YouTube channel (and maybe a new feature ;)!
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