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I risk my life and dignity, I film everything, I drink a couple beers, and I edit...
Hi! I am Isaac, most strangers on the Internet know me from my work with MTV on "the Real World" Australia and a bunch of the Challenges. What they don't know is that I have been backpack traveling the planet since I was a child and due to my addiction for cultural oddities and Bucketlist events and my lack of self preservation, I end up in the most precarious aka awesome situations. After being a tour guide for numerous big name travel agencies I decided instead of leading these whitbread cliche tours for other people, I am going to start my own company and take people around the world but in true Isaac Stout fashion. And thus "the Bucketlist Club" was born.
 (Check it out, trip discounts are available to any and all of my Patreon supporters!)
AnyWHOOO, My travel company only goes to the weirdest, wildest, and most awe-inspiring Bucketlist events on the planet. We don't just go to Spain, we go to the running of the bulls, and then we jump a plane to Ibiza for the closing parties. We see thailand but only on SongKran (Thai new years country-wide water war) then we party all night at the Full Moon island rave and recuperate with monks at a monastery. However in order to research and plan these off the beaten path, off the grid, and off the damn wall itineraries I have to go backpack the region first, and by myself. I have to not only find these insane underground adventures, but then I have to participate in them to see whats underground, whats over rated, and whats just to dang dangerous to bring paying customers. Im basically a travel ninja guinea pig, with a homemade backpack, one change of clothes, and a travel company. All the money I make doing Patreon goes towards my personal travel recon missions to find the most uniquely immersive cultural oddities and adventures this beautiful world has to offer and of course bring you guys along for the ride! Turn me on, Turn me up, and Turn me loose! I am Isaac Stout: Counter-Tourist....
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The first video I am uploading is obviously an older one that I made while researching South America. I hope It is good enough to get enough donations to fund my recon research mission of Spain for the Running of the bulls and Ibiza closing parties... as well as any other insanity I will unearth for ya. Again I am a one man team, travel, shooting, editing promoting so if you dig what I do, pick up what I put down and show some love so I can make these dreams happen! Fluv Y'all!
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