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I've been a working artist for 20+ years and am looking for some small contributions to fund larger goals. The majority of the work I make is brought to the public totally pro-bono, often costing more out of pocket than the audience recognizes. I'm happy to engage and provide thoughtful and provocative exhibitions, strange performances and surreal costumes for you all- and I'm so thrilled that you've been there to take it all in... (I feel like NPR right now), but it's quickly becoming unsustainable...
I like the idea of putting something real in your hands and spreading the images I make far and wide. (would you like to become a sustaining member today?)

"I’m an uneasy interloper exploring middle-class America. I revel and flail in a culture thick on dramatic facades; one which confuses pageantry with ritual, convenience with freedom and instant gratification with catharsis.

Combining degraded material stuff from daily life, I stage bizarre spectacles. I seek out used objects that were harbingers of desire, celebration and status. I imagine these things to be contaminated by a complex narrative. Orphaned formalwear, worn-out underwear, broken furniture, discarded appliance packaging, rejected holiday ornaments, souveneired cocktail embellishments and cheap plastic party products are layered in configurations suggestive of elaborate cakes, parade floats, ancient temples and sacrificial altars. I elevate these used-up objects as sacraments, hoping to cast them as future relics of our absurd culture."
$0 of $1,000 per month
Framing costs for 2-D works. Getting these guys into galleries means they must come ready-to-hang...

Hopefully they find homes and I re-coup the cost, making this a sustainable endeavor in the future, but I need to seed this venture..
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