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Hello everyone, my name is Leanne Davis (aka The Cosmic Slice) and I am a curator on a wonderful site called Wakelet. What started off as a way to share a few things that I loved, has escalated to a giant project where I profile topics and people from science, politics, secularism, Canadian history and education. My ultimate goal is to make the world a smarter and more informed so that we all understand more about the world and universe that we exist in.

While the internet is a wonderful source of information but sometimes you have to weed though a lot of junk and misinformation to find out more about something. Or perhaps, you are just want to know more about a person, place or subject.

Well, you've come to the right place!  I'm starting off small but if this should happen to take off, I'd be open to creating more reward levels as we go.  My content will always be free but if you would like to show support for its creation, no matter how small you would have my undying appretiation.

The Sites:

Theory of Evolution -
Lawrence Krauss -
Brian Greene & The World Science Festival -
Neil deGrasse Tyson -
Bill Nye -
Carl Sagan -
Richard Feynman -
Steven Weinberg -
Albert Einstein -
Isaac Newton -
Vera Rubin -
Enrico Fermi -
Christopher Hitchens -
Canadian History -
American Atheists -
Secular & Atheist Advocates -
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