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Every day, every single day, I light at least one candle. It's usually lit up like a church. Honestly, I keep one lit nearly 24-7. I stand in my Healing room and meditate, pray, and send good energy, in all four directions, for wherever it is needed most. I play healing music, utilize therapeutic grade essential oils, and hold extra space for my family, friends, clients, tribe, emergency cases etc. I'll add my patrons to this daily dose of goodness. You get good Karma and a dose of Woo from me.
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I'll be able to justify my volunteer work (The Wildcat Sanctuary, the nursing home, The Wanted Project, etc.) to my family and friends that wish I would charge for all of my services. In addition to the daily dose of Woo, you'll earn some entertainment/education. I'll commit to monthly work and sharing more stories, more often.
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You will be a saint, in my book, supporting the world becoming a better place.

You can sponsor a specific cat at The Wildcat Sanctuary. Other regular-enough situations that you could support include: missing/injured animal cases; suicidal teens/young adults; hospice/euthanasia cases.




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Quick update June 2, 2020: All of my initial goals have been continued and/or accomplished. I am a Certified Healing Touch Instructor now. My updated Vision is -

Harmony Among All Beings on Earth (and beyond)...
Multiple Missions per day to support my vision.

Supporting the revolution to fight against racism now. Top priority.
Writing my memoirs. Second top priority.

I am literally teaching in the streets of North Minneapolis now, but so many other places over the last couple of years too. Supporting me and my work will get you more and more of my stories, and allow you to know that you are doing something concrete to support me, supporting countless others, who are also spreading harmony in the world.

Below is my original information that I have not been able to properly update yet.


I am a certified Healing Touch practitioner, for humans and animals, and an animal communicator. I have over 25 years of professional experience. I have been self-employed since 2009. I triage emergency situations, every day. My "top 5" are generally life or death situations, or otherwise severe/acute. My wait-list for non-emergency and non-regular clients averages 2-3 months. I'm training to become a Healing Touch instructor. Please help support my amazing volunteer gigs. Please help me continue my education and growth as well as my ability to teach others. Holding space and spreading the light...

Know that you are helping me:
*Volunteer with my Therapy Dog, Sofia, at a local nursing home.
*Volunteer at The Wildcat Sanctuary
*Volunteer time and energy, above and beyond, my coordinator duties for Healing Touch classes.
*Foster two very special cats
*Stay involved with The Wanted Project
*Fund my continued training to become a Healing Touch instructor
*Fund my continued education in Animal Communication
*Subsidize clients who are unable to pay me
*Spread the word(s) via podcasts/writing
*Hold space and support WWTLC
*Hold space and support the Water Protectors
*Be able to become involved in other awesome projects that come my way

If I have ever helped you out, if you have witnessed any of the countless situations that I have helped with, if you are passionate about any of the areas that I am focused on, and if you know full well that I have your back if you call on me - well, this is your perfect opportunity to pay me back or pay it forward or buy yourself some more "Gunner" insurance. Peace and woo...
$272.67 of $2,500 per month
I want to complete my training to become certified as a Healing Touch Instructor. I want to then create a way to make classes more accessible to disenfranchised populations. I want to help train additional instructors from populations not currently represented in the Healing Touch world.

I want to volunteer at The Wildcat Sanctuary more often, once a month minimum, if possible. I want to gather additional Healing Touch practitioners to volunteer there with me. I want to get Healing Touch volunteers at other wild animal sanctuaries around the world.

I want to spread the light and love and peace that goes with this work to as many people and animals as possible. I want to continue to find the most efficient ways possible to do so. I want to share as many stories as possible. This work continues to blow my mind every day. I want to share what amazing lessons I learn with this work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 72 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 72 exclusive posts

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