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The horrors of humanity are often more evil than what can be found in science fiction. People will do anything to retain their youth and beauty in their pursuit that elusive philosopher’s stone-even if that means sticking worms up there asses. Thus my fascination with the Disciples of the Worm. I found it to be the most disturbing cult in Targets of Opportunity, and wanted to make a scenario based upon cult.

In part I of The Triad of the Worm, Agents on the trail of three renegade cultist in Tacoma and puts them in the line of fire of Sinaloa drug cartel and a serpent folk assassin-both groups are sent to eliminate the three cultist, ending in multiple shootouts. Part II Allows the agent to delve deeper into the investigation of the cult until one of the agents is kidnapped and implanted with worm. What extreme will Agents go to save one of their own? Part III Involves the Agents tracking the cult to their current hideout, an abandoned mental institution, where final confrontation with the cultist and the assassin who has been trailing occurs.

Part I is nearly complete, but I am awaiting the next Delta Green book to be released for some additional information. I have run the campaign twice under the old rules and many of the players’ said I should publish it in some form, so here I am.

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