Aarron Kinney

is creating A variety of drawings, paintings, and tattoo art
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About Aarron Kinney

My name is Aarron kinney, 22 of age born in raised in the sporadic weather of New Hampshire, I'm a tattoo artists apprentice working to become a master, I train under a variety of great artists my apprenticeship under a veteran tattooist who's owned his own shops for over 25 years. I have a beautiful wife and handsome young son who is 2 years old that lights up my world and inspires me to pursue my dreams to give him the best life I can. Recently with a job lay-off I've desired to take my tattooing apprenticeship on full time, while still working a part time job, I'm hoping here I can get help to sustainably work apprenticing full time. My pledge to all of you regardless how you help will be to return my appreciation with some form of art be it tattoos, paintings, or drawings as time goes on. Thank you all for taking the time to read this over I hope forward to getting to know all of you.

My tattoo style, I like realistic drawings that are tattooed solid and traditional, sounds contradicting but following the likes of artists like Pari Corbitt who executes this perfectly that is the style I'm working towards. I hope you all join me on this exciting journey from apprentice to master.
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My goal may be high, but I have faith that what life intends to happen will and we must all go with the flow not against it. If I were to hit this goal this would allow me to devote my time fully and efficiently to tattooing and get all supplies I'll need throughout this journey.
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