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This shows your true nerd dedication.  I will begin to roll out exclusive updates to this feed every week when I buy new comics.  I will give some ideas and tips on what comics to buy and what panels you could include in your classroom to have meaningful conversations with your students. 
Your funding will help me to buy these comics and, if enough funding is reached, I can increase the number of titles I buy and review
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This is for true superheroes only - this support will go far into allowing me to create further content.  I will also share new lesson plan ideas with you - and keep you in the loop for my book ideas, etc.




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About Tim Smyth

I need your help!  I have been sharing ideas on how to use comics in the classroom for a while now - I need your help in continuing the dream of engaging more and more students through this high interest medium.  Attending conferences and buying comics can get quite expensive! I would greatly appreciate your support in this continued shared venture. 
I will use these funds to broaden a comics lesson plan and review database so that we can continue to spread the power of comics in education. This began as a passion project and I want to make it even more, well, excelsior.

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