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About BlazeXV

I am a young youtuber/streamer looking to get some money to help grow my populaity and make entertaining videos, streams or even games when I get the knowledge too. Over time Things will change and if something goes wrong and no one see's me for a week or 2 its probaly because I took a break.

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Thank you for donating you will get a rank in my discord server to show who the kind people are.
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You will be able to decide what happens next from me building a game to what my next video or live stream would be so enjoy it to the fullest, plus all previous rewards.
Good people
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You will be given sneek peeks to what im working at, plus all previous rewards.
Your Epic
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This is quite alot of money to someone who dosnt have much but thank for donating you will be respected. Plus All previous rewards.
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THANK YOU For Donating this amount of money your are one of the kindest that I would know of plus you would also get a pretty high tier in my discord server.   Plus All previous rewards. 
The best people
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You will get access to things earily and get a high rank in my discord server. Plus all previous rewards.
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VICTORY ROYALE Tier is were you get access to everything I do With the 3rd highest Role on the discord server with access to everything on that too. If you donate this amount I will put your user name down on a note and you will be remember by me as the best person.   Plus All previous rewards. 
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If I get this amount of money every month then I will start a project on a game make videos on it for the people who donated a lot of money and release a trailer a few months later if I am still making $25 a month or making more.
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