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Official patron status.  AND my endless appreciation for joining my team.
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Special shout out in my videos for showing your support.
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Shoutouts on all my vids for your support.  As a bonus, if you main Peach or wanna learn her, this will get you Peach lessons with me lasting for 24 hours. I will do a voice chat and I will give you all the help, tips, and tricks you need to step your game up as a Peach player. Message me through any of my social media or on here if you wish to get your Peach lessons and set up a time and date for them.

If you play splatoon/MK8 You will always get a shot to play with me on stream.




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About Dark.Pch

Who am I?

Hello and welcome to my Patreon. I'm Dark.Pch, a competitive Peach/Daisy player for Smash Ultimate. I've been playing smash competitively for 10+ years. I'm a Peach mentor for the smash community and make Peach/Daisy content on Youtube to help players all over the world become better players with a very challenging character. I also help other players outside my field of Peach/Daisy with general tips on getting better at super smash bros competitively.

Where does your money go?

Your support helps me get to more events around my area, and in the future to much more bigger events in the USA. I have not been to a lot of tournaments since release of this game. Mostly on and off. Players have been asking why have I not been to tournaments and when will they see me at them. Personal issues have lead to this. So I mostly stick to mentoring. My fans have said they would love to support me when they can to get me out there and show what I can do. In exchange for your help and showing my thanks, I will be dishing out much more higher quality vids and better editing now that I have a really good editing software. More creative and consistent content for you all!


For becoming a patreon, you get certain rewards such as smash lessons from me that last for 24 hours for one price (You do not have to pay by the hour). The lessons can even last for a few days with just one payment. You also get shout outs and have your name shown at the end of my videos. 
$3 of $200 per month
This goal is to help me get to more events in my area on a consistent basis. Leading to much more bigger events in the future.
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