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After years of creating comedy on stage, radio and TV, with smoke signals and runes I'm finally taking it to the streets....of YouTube.  That's right, so right it's wrong.  So wrong it feels right.  I have dipped my toes in the sweet sweet water that is facebook live and now I'm ready for more computerness.  That's a thing people say, right?

I am turning to you, the patrons of all things interesting, to forget about interesting and come on this journey with me.  Why? Why support me with your hard earned dollar dollar bills, y'all?  Well, my goal is to entertain you.  To make you laugh, sometimes think, and to help bring a little light to what could very well be the end of days.

Below I share with you my concept and what I will be creating.  I hope you like it enough to help support me so that I can fund production pieces necessary to make it happen and continue.

Working title:  Two Words, One Cup

Format: Each show will feature a guest "Bartender" in quotes because this person will not necessarily be in the industry but they will be making a cocktail of their choice. I MUST drink this libation out of my ceremonial cup.  It will, hopefully, be delicious but because I'm at the mercy of the "bartender" it may not be.

They will explain the ingredients, their decision to make it and whether they are trying to kill me or not.

From there the "Bartender" will give just two random, unrelated words.  With those words CHAOS ensues.  Ok, not chaos, but the first word will be the jumping off point where I will use personal stories, current events, comedy and possibly interpretive dance to seamlessly end with the second word.

And that's it!  I hope you like the idea.   I will be producing AT LEAST a video a week.  It will probably be more because alcohol is involved.
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WHA???  A video camera you say? Not just an iphone and a dirty bathroom?  At this rate I'll be making high quality videos in no time!
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