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About Chelsea Baker

Hello everyone! I am a mixed media artist, using a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet and photshop CS6 to my copic markers and prismacolor pencils. My drive is to continue creating art, be in fanart or art of my own characters with friends. I absolutely love thinking up new stories and scenarios and hope to someday run my own webcomic.
Your continued support will help continue to inspire and motivate me while also helping me obtain the supplies I need to continue creating! Any and every cent will help me out!
If you want to commission me, please fill out this form or email me at [email protected]!
Thank you everyone in advance.
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I have a couple of markers that I have perhaps been a little too rough with, and the nibs have actually come off and are relatively unusable! I just need a pack or two of replacement nibs and coloring won't be so infuriating anymore!
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