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A heart felt shoutout in a video once a month thanking all Patreon contributors
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A chance to 1v1 me in a game of my choosing, don't worry I won't be unfair and pick games that I will win at. Like SuperRexBall, the game where you can't score unless you're superrex
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A song sung specifically for you, any song. i don't care. I'm bad at singing but hey baby, it's all about the meaning




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Hey Guys, This is SuperRex.

Yes I'm slow building, yes I'm putting videos out every day. Yes I need your help. I currently need what help I can get to improve my set up, so that I can buy foam for my walls, a better webcam, and upgrade my computer. As well as getting games to play live on my channel/ twitch channel for all of you. Also, I have  a sweet beard, so yea. You should totally support me.
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If I can get one dollar donated, I will do a vlog overreacting for your generosity. There will be confetti, tears, stripping and then guitar shredding, it won't be smoke on the water, possible. Okay probably Smoke on the Water
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