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Johnson Cover Hi-Lo REBORN!!!!

Thats right, I still get people wanting me to return to this form of entertainment and possible learning from mistakes in cover design. So I figured I'd give this site a chance. 4 times a month I'll be looking at covers in an effort to review what is right or wrong (in my opinion) about them. I'm a firm believer in learning from mistakes, even if its other peoples. Critiques aren't personal, and I don't plan on going after the artist themselves, just the cover in question. Along with possible fixes and teleprompter overlays to illustrate my points.

In addition, I'll be putting up cover work in progress stuff and any weird shit I draw in my spare time.

I got a ton of flack the last time I did this, and I am far from perfect as an artist. But, I feel like I have an informed opinion about what makes a good or bad cover after doing it for as long as I've have. I'll try to keep the snark down to a minimum and just focus on the technical stuff.

If one of your covers ends up here, I hope you're not offended. It's just an opinion and not meant to harm or degrade. Feel free to argue and give back to the discussion.

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