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About David R. Packer

I struggle with self-motivation. I have a lot I want to say, to write, and to share. It's difficult for me to produce a volume of work that keeps me happy, because that little voice inside myself is always filling me with doubt. My words often stop when my fingers hit the keyboard. 

I've successfully moved through that in the past by arranging accountability for myself. And now it's time for me to try a new kind of accountability, by making my writing into a job. A small one, to be sure, but a pleasurable one. 

I want to be accountable to you. I know you have enjoyed my writing, and want to see more. And I absolutely want to write more. I also want to take it to a new level: before, I was writing for a general audience, exploring my voice and interests; now I know what my interests are and I have a voice. 

Teaching is my passion, and Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly is the result of that passion. It was born from a fierce group of friends who enjoyed the challenges of my writing, and moulded themselves into what they saw as the potential of those ideas. Five great coaches and one awesome school came out of that. And now it's time to reach out further. I want to expand my vision and what I've learned from Valkyrie, and help create more great teachers out there in the world. 

In the next few years I want to be travelling out to meet with new people and new schools, and help them grow into their own potential using the models we developed at Valkyrie. This patreon will be the jumping off point of that effort.

I want to help you with your training and teaching. Mostly I want to do for you what I did for the coaches at Valkyrie. I want to find your inner challenges, your obstacles and your own way past them.

So I'm going to write. And if you care to work with me, I'm going to help you take your training and teaching to interesting new places.
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