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is creating dark fantasy, sci-fi serial novels, videos and a comic strip

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HI!  I'm Tami, and I 've realized after many years that the one thing I am really good at, is writing.  I am an artist as well, and while I love doing it, I know that I couldn't make it a full-time career.  At the center of everything, I am a storyteller.  I write fantasy, sci-fi and also a bit of fanfiction just to help keep my head clear.  Not to mention, it is great practice.  

I know this is a bit of a different way to fund my writing and will be hard to completely skip over the traditional publishers, but I see this as a way to get to the people who matter- my readers.  I want a way I can connect with my fans, and continue to connect with them during this amazing process.  

I am working on figuring out some nifty swag for you. I am not fully sure what the swag will be yet, and will be asking for advice in this since this swag will be going to you amazing people, so why not have you weigh in on what you will get?

Inheritants - Episode 1, Taken was released last January.  I am currently in process of finishing Episode 2, Spencer Bennett and the goal is to have it completed by fall.  As a benefit of being a patron, I will be releasing a monthly patreon only short story which will be available to all levels.  Also, once my YouTube channel launches this July, I will pre-release all videos here, for you.

Thank you for supporting me!
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