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About Brian Lee American Poet

My purpose here is to generate an income to continue producing poetry and acting in film with the aid of friends and fans.

Conceived on LSD in 1974, Brian Lee is the White Trash answer to Ivory Tower Poetry. A Sarasota Poet and Actor, Brian Lee is known for organizing several local poetry showcases including "Arts and Letters With Brian Lee" (Currently hosted at the Green Bean Coffee House Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m.) and "The Barbaric Yawp" (at Growlers Pub) before that. Brian has been writing for over 23 years honing his art from performance poetry, through speech and debate at SCF, and finishing his undergraduate education at New College of Florida.
Never content with writing material beyond the scope of the everyday human, Brian struggles to write poetry in the language that people use everyday. Rejecting both academic poetry as well as the common competitive model of the workshop, Brian Lee's writing groups espouse "A Non-Rigorous Environment" to achieve a more inclusive dynamic and inspire those who have not yet found their voice, as well as veterans to get back to the very basic enjoyment of poetry.

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