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The reward for pledging 1 dollar is the great feeling of contributing to the life of a poor tortured artist.
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A thank-you thing (maybe animated), and some teasers for upcoming videos! Oh boy!
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Oh my gibblets! 15 dollars? What a spender! You get to have very shmexy DVD of Pablo's Life if-I mean...WHEN it comes out! You'll recieve all the episodes from 2015 plus extras! What fun! Man..maybe I should be charging more for this one...(Plus the thank you and teasers)




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About Pablo McCrimmon

My name is Pablo McCrimmon and I make an animated web series called Pablo’s Life. I'm always looking to improve the quality of the animation and voice work. In addition, I'm trying to support my life and future with these animations, so if you have any extra dollars, I'd love to take them from you.
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My 2015 labor of love needs some funding, so...yeah. Backgrounds, voices, additional animation, that all requires money.
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