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Well i am a relatively small youtuber who wants to grow her channel by doing coverage of newer games as well as indie games and to be honest doing game coverage especially of newer games is very costly and not being able to cover newer games on youtube honestly makes it very hard to grow your channel and be able to get more exposure from doing so.

I also do a weekly gaming podcast that i want to grow as well since hosting costs money.

The podcast itself does okay at best something like 40-60 listens this i also want to grow with better recording equipment which would also be used for my youtube channel improving the quality of the videos overall.

So by pledging what can i give back to you my supporters well i could do private streams with games requested maybe games i would not normally play but you would enjoy watching me play and possibly rage at lol.

I am still trying to figure out how to best give back to supporters of this patreon besides continuing to make the content that i make i am however open to suggestions

Links to my youtube and podcast


$0 of $20 per month
Will do Private Streams for supporters and they can request games for me to stream.
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