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About retrospring

Hello friends and people who just stumbled upon this Patreon campaign!

We are two developers from Austria and Germany, Georg and Andreas, and we need your help to fulfil our vision. We have created retrospring because two of the major question and answer platforms either died down or have horrifying clauses in their Terms of Service which allows them to sell your data to third parties (this includes advertisers).

Our vision is to recreate social question asking and answering but with a third layer added to the mix: comments. So the discussion goes on, even if you already answered the question. Also, the generic"Like" button got replaced by "Smile". Both work pretty much the same, but a smiling face is not as common as that thumb pointing to the sky.

We are concerned a lot about the user's privacy: in the future we will allow them to set their profiles to private, disable anonymous questions, opt-out from the public feed and so on. We also gladly take feedback and suggestions. Just keep in mind that we are still in the testing phase, this means that not everything is working as we'd like to, but we try our best to make the experience as beautiful as possible.

With your support, we can get a much nicer domain, pay the costs for our servers, TLS certificates for additional security, and expand our infrastructure. We chose Patreon for this since we dislike ads ourselves and some additional premium features aren't really promising (many other social networks have proven that this does not work as good as they expect).

Nevertheless, you will get something in return: starting with a simple badge on your profile showing that you're a loyal supporter, over screenshots and screencasts of new features before they arrive right through to testing the features as we run them on our hidden developer platform.

Thanks for reading this. We'd really love to get your support!
— The retrospring team
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With this amount of money, we can get a wildcard SSL certificate for Retrospring to secure the connection to more subdomains (for example for the API)
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