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If you think "Australia Made" is worthy enough to have your support, or want to take a look at what I provide here on Patreon, this is the choice for you!

You can get:
- Compressed PSD file of random artwork, sketches or designs (file type could be different based on the form of artwork) every week, plus the original size jpeg export.
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You want something to learn via watching a video? Then this is for you.

- All features from previous tier.
- An extra painting video of artwork is now yours. Every PSD files now comes with a time lapse recorded video.

Check and make sure you have full access to major online stream sites, have stable connection, enough bandwidth before you press the button!!




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Hi lovely people around the world, Ye Fan here, I appreciate the time you spend here on my Patreon.
Before we begin, something you need to keep in mind is that English is not my mother language, expect poor grammar or awkward articles, please do not hesitate to point it out so I can fix it and learn from mistakes.

I’m an artist, I do a variety of stuff such as sculptures, mixed media, design, traditional art, game making, education and studies research. Although Manga is always my best interest. An artist cannot survive without people and income, so here I am, introducing my manga/artwork to you for a chance to keep on going.

Currently I’m working on a manga called ''Australian Made", it can be read online for free on my Tapas page, DeviantArt or PIXIV, you can scroll down this page for the link. Now on Patreon, you have chance to gain access to my painting videos, sketches of design/WIP, or even the raw file for your own study by simply supporting/trade in here.

Or if you currently seeking an artist to help you do some creation, I might be a good choice, head to my DeviantArt or official Page for ordering a commission!

I’m still new to Patreon, thus the stuff I can provide right now is limited, but more will definitely be added in the near future. Visit all these place for free update, or give me your support here on Patreon. With this I can stay on track to making the manga better and faster. I hope you guys all enjoy it.

For more art work, please visit:
Tapas Portal
Deviantart Portal
PIXIV Portal
Instagram Portal

Are you using LINE app? I've got some stickers on sale!
LINE Store

For some latest update, you can add me on Twitter:
Twitter Portal

Ordering a commission? leave your enquiry on Studio's Official FaceBook page:
Official FaceBook page Portal

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Thank you for the support, donation, pledge, purchase or whatever it’s called. This gives me strong faith that I’m able to continue my career by simply doing the stuff I love.
I hope my creations on Patreon can help or entertain you, just like you willing to help me so I can keep making "Australian Made".
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts

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