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Hi there! Welcome to our Patreon Page! Patreon allows you to support us as a publisher by becoming a Patron of HeritageDaily and make small (or big) donations each month...


A patronage that assists in helping us to disseminate news, articles and media tools totally free to our audience on web, mobile and social media, develop new technologies for our brand and hopefully grow our publishing brand over time into new heights.

About Us

HeritageDaily is a scientific publication I created three years ago that explores the latest discoveries in the historic sciences. From archaeology, & heritage, palaeontology, natural science and various related sub disciplines.


My writers and contributors now range from TV and documentary presenters, famous explorers and historians through to established figures for contributions within each category section of the magazine.

Since launch, it has grown to become one of the most recognised and respected websites in its field, visited by thousands of readers daily and often cited as the primary source for news and articles within the heritage sector.

In addition, it has grown dynamic communities across all platforms where our audiences can discuss, share, and really engage with our content. Whether that being on social platforms such as facebook: 

e.g. https://www.facebook.com/archaeologynews

To utilising our dedicated ***FREE*** iphone and android app.

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But, all this comes at a cost.... The time to produce an article, hosting fees of a high trafficked website, developing new web technologies, through to the licensing of the mobile app that is given away freely.....this all takes a financial toll.

Despite appearances, HeritageDaily is run, supported and maintained by volunteers and a small dedicated editorial team.

Your support will enable us to maintain a quality level of service to the readers, help in sharing the burden of administration costs it takes to manage an editorial platform such as HeritageDaily and be part of the story in helping to outreach science... making it free and accessible to all.

Should the campaign for patrons prove to be a success on Patreon, we will further investigate the possibilities of expanding the portfolio into Print and TV.

Thank you for your support.
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