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Hi everyone! My name is Adam Whitehead and I've been blogging at The Wertzone about all things science fiction and fantasy for over a decade. My main areas of interest and expertise are epic fantasy, space opera and history across books, TV, film and video games. I have a keen interest in genre history and am the author of A History of Epic Fantasy, which you can read on my blog or - hopefully by the end of 2018 - in print in a greatly expanded and revised edition!

I am also a keen fan of the Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R.R. Martin. I have been moderating at for a decade, written an essay for Beyond the Wall and taken part in quite a few convention panels on the books and their TV adaptation, Game of Thrones. The more eagle-eyed among you may have even seen that House Whitehead of the Weeping Town is a new addition to the roster of houses in the upcoming novel, The Winds of Winter. Earlier in 2016 I started a new blogging project, Atlas of Ice and Fire, which examines the maps, geography and military campaigns of A Song of Ice and Fire in detail.

Why choose Patreon? I've seen some of the podcasts, bloggers and authors I respect moving onto Patreon, like the excellent History of Westeros guys and the brilliant Kameron Hurley and N.J. Jemisin. Patreon enables creators and fans to get closer and work together, and provide creators with more resources to put into their projects. I hope you'll help me be able to put more time and resources into creating articles, books and companion guides to science fiction and fantasy, and continue doing a job I love.

What do you get for becoming a patron? Early access to some of my future projects, including Cities of Fantasy, a look at some of the great and interesting cities of the fantasy genre (from New Crobuzon and King's Landing to Ankh-Morpork and Waterdeep via Sigil, gateway to the planes, and many more), and a potential History of Space Opera. I will also give subscribers at the appropriate tier access to the History of Epic Fantasy ebook when it becomes available.
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