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Hey folks.

I go by the name of WIZE, born Jordan Birch. I'm a 25 year old musician from North London, UK.

I've been making music for about 13 years now, and have been taking it seriously since the very beginning. It's actually become such a normal part of my day-to-day life that I cannot imagine a life where it were not the norm for me. I grew up in a musical household, music always flowing throughout the rooms of my home, and was constantly inspired by what I heard. My mum used to be a session singer and would often bring me along for the ride, of which I used to absolutely love. She gradually had to move out of that line of work when she had me & my 7 siblings! Now all these years later, I'm trying to pick up where my mum left off, and make sure she's as proud as possible.

My reason for creating this Patreon page is simple, music doesn't always pay the bills. It's become increasingly difficult for me to grow creatively and further push myself within my career whilst having the burdens that come with adulthood constantly peeking over my shoulder, not that I should be exempt from these things, but that is my reality. I'm also aware that I'm not exclusive to this way of thinking and that most of my peers often share the same opinion, it's difficult! This is for folks that have the spare income available to support me in my endeavours, and help me grow into the best possible musician I can be. 

My goals at the moment are
  • Rent out a space to place my studio equipment in so I can start running sessions with artists without having to book a place externally or run sessions in my house.
  • Get my hands on some decent video-recording equipment and get my YouTube channel up and running, where i'll be sharing production tips, live-streaming studio sessions & giving feedback on work submitted to me from my fans & listeners!
  • Find comfort financially to ensure I can spend enough time with my family as possible without always feeling the need to push myself to my absolute limits to try and make enough money to feed them.
That's my goals for the moment, would greatly appreciate your support, and if you can't, just make sure you stay tuned for the music i'll be putting out in the near future, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!

Thank you guys for reading this absolute monstrousity of an essay lmao,

Love xx
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