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For the past 18 years I have been gathering information about meditation, mindfulness, self-awareness and healing.

And when I work with people one-on-one what happens is that people start to feel transformed, refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle the world again. Ready to put their best out into the world, really.

And isn't that what we want.

People healed so they can put their best out into the world?

And when I offer courses people learn how to be with themselves in a friendly manner and make peace with the moment and again feel more confident to be their authentic selves.

And now with Root Awakening the Podcast I want to bring these ideas and teachings to a larger audience.

I want to share my knowledge, my teachings and I want to interview my friends and colleagues who are amazing healers and tell me incredible information about how the universe works which I think everyone needs to hear.

And now I am not a very good techie, and my sound engineering skills, well let's just say they are in development. But I am going to do my darndest to put together these teachings and interviews in a concise way for all of you to listen to and absorb and if you are listening and you are learning then I would love it if you would throw $1 or more a month my way so I can keep looking for ways to bring information about energy healing, mindfulness an self-awareness out into the world.

For now I'm going to be putting up one podcast a week. I'll alternate them between interviews and excerpts from my courses.

But when the sponsorships start to flow I'll start posting one interview and one excerpt from a class each week.

And if the sponsorships explode I'll move to adding a call-in show where we can talk live about these issues with myself and my healer friends.

So, take a listen. Let me know what you think. And send a $1 my way and I'll keep sending podcasts out to you.

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