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is creating bright, joyful art and writing Captain - a memoir.
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About Lunar Hine

Welcome, come on in, the kettle's on and the best chair is waiting for you. I've even got biscuits, the kind you like.

I am Lunar Hine: writer, painter, inker, dancer, warrior, widow, Mama.

I have always made stuff, but after Thomas died it became urgently important to celebrate life. My joyful art is increasingly vibrant, mostly nature-based, all about those small moments of cheer which can lift a day.

'Captain' will be my memoir of the time after Thomas died. It will be collated from my journals and blog posts and thoughts as I go.

To keep painting  and writing I need supplies, mostly inexpensive ones like inks and coffee, but sometimes I need to hire a gallery or buy a new batch of canvasses, and meanwhile my girls keep on requiring meals and that makes them grow out of their clothes and it's all rather inconvenient and costly! So if you would like to take a quick peek at my work and then go on your way, please take my thanks with you, and an apple for the journey. But if you feel moved to stay a while and support my work by becoming a patron, well, then we'll break out the cake and you have made yourself a very happy new friend. Thank you.

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The first chapter of 'Dear Thomas'. To begin looking, more objectively and unflinchingly, at the time we had together and this long time afterwards. Simply, to begin.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts