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Lets bring ASMR to the masses! 
Hey everyone! My name is Matthew and I currently run the websites/apps and In recent years ASMR has boomed on YouTube and created a loyal fanbase of people that love ASMR just as much as I do! ASMR has become a way in which people deal with stress, insomnia and anxiety to name a few. Many people out there still do not realise the healing effects of ASMR and thats why I want to bring a more accessible way of getting ASMR to these people. ASMR Radio aims to be a place that curated ASMR audio is played 24/7 with...Wait for it...No Loud Ads! and of course, completely free to listen. 

ASMRtist? Submit to audio to to hear it on ASMR Radio!

iPhone app:
Android app: - your daily dose of ASMR, Relaxation & Meditation. The only one stop area for videos, albums, podcasts, apps and much more. Submit your own videos and links to us to be featured.

ASMRbar is currently working on an area where ASMRtists can come and interact with each other, watch tutorials, view the best products and collab with each other. ASMRbar needs your help to bring this idea to fruition!

Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated. If you would like to connect with me personally you can email me: [email protected] 

I will post updates here including App images, the website updates and the details of when I will be asking for your input on what to add to the station. Want me to feature you ASMR goodie on the station? Shoot an email my way :D


Social Media: @ASMRRadio & @ASMRbar
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