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I'd been making outlier art for decades--punk-art bands, edgy performance pieces, queer spoken word--but it wasn't until I hit my 50s that my hither-and-yon inspirational projects landed with writing. Maybe that's because my feet weren't really on the ground until a couple years into my transition. 

I wrote a one-person show titled "F to M to Octopus," a piece for Gender Outlaws: the Next Generation, a coming-out story for the anthology Fashionably Late, and most recently, a book published by Transgress Press called TRUNKY (transgender junky): A Memoir of Institutionalization & Southern Hospitality. 

There's a myth about writing, that it's a very solitary endeavor. It's true, the actual work of writing is solitary, but my experience is that I require readers, editors, conversational inspiration, hand-holding, being talked off the writerly ledge! My very personal book, TRUNKY, simply couldn't have come into being without dozens of folks' support. Financial, sure: it takes time to write, money to market and travel. It also--just as importantly--takes relationships.

That's what I'm looking to create here. Relationships. Not weirdos. You're probably on the weirdo spectrum if we're here together. You've seen my work, you've read it, you understand its value. You know there's nothing quite like my writing anywhere else. And you of all people appreciate the impact our current cultural climate is having on us outlier types.

Whether you consider patronage to support work you enjoy, as a political act, to aid a comrade, if you feel strongly about art-as-transcendence, if my work and my voice has crept into your psyche: step outside the reigning chaotic terror of change. Let this transguy do what he does best, be an unshockable, unstoppable, eagle-eyed interior journalist for your soul. 

For your participation in this--my, yours, our--creative process, you may espy the tiers on the left of this page. You can get handmade cards, private videos; I'll send you art, design your logo; I'll help you edit, your name will be in my book! What appeals to your soul and your commitment? I'm happy to chat about any other things you might like to receive: I'm a master draftsperson, pet portraitist, and tattoo designer! 

Thank you. 

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I'm currently writing a book-length piece tentatively titled "SUGAR." It's a life-long ode to my addiction to various substances and compulsions, from sugar, to approval-seeking, dangerous sex, and mystical transformation! It's really a way of framing my rather elaborate and sometimes chronology-defying autobiography. 

$2400 is minimum wage. It would allow me to write 3/4 time. I'm quite disciplined about writing, especially when I'm not having to hustle for work to pay rent and bills.
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