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"Successful givers recognize that there is a big difference between taking and receiving. Taking is using other people solely for one's own gain. Receiving is accepting help from others while maintaining a willingness to pay it back and forward... Givers succeed in a way that creates a ripple effect, enhancing the success of people around them. You'll see that the difference lies in how giver-success creates value, instead of claiming it.” - Adam Grant

I'm Nathalie van Gerrevink (28) and my lifegoal has always been to make the world a better place. My philosophy is that there is no better way to do this than to mobilize others to do the same. This is why I am interested in creating alternative systems for the current systems that dominate our world. This is why I choose to live differently myself. For me this means, I live like a nomad, either living in my van, couchsurfing or staying with friends and family across the globe. I live at relatively low financial costs, minimize my consumption and create exponential value around me. I have created a life for myself that allows me to spend my time as I choose and I choose to do things where I feel I can make the biggest difference. Choosing to support me financially, means to enable my financial independence and thus allowing me to maximize time and energy spent on creating social value. All my creations will be shared not for profit and are freely accessible to everyone.


  • Photos
My photos as a model have been a journey of self discovery, an exploration of personal boundaries and a challenge to become comfortable with my own body. I actively question the oppressive and unrealistic beauty standards for women today. I encourage other women to embrace their authentic beauty and to become and love who they are fully.

My photos as a photographer are always geared toward taking a different and fresh look on our mundane world we live in. To take a different perspective and find beauty, horror and harmony in unexpected places.

  • Paintings
Painting for me is a way to challenge myself and the idea that I am not creative. I can be very confident about who I am, yet self deprecating in what I can do or think I should be able to do. To paint, is to engage with my own inner demons that tell me I am never good enough. I hear them, I acknowledge them, but I choose not to let them define who I am. I paint, because I am fighting for my own freedom. I believe I can win and one day enjoy the tranquility of letting my creative energies flow. My paintings are purely intended to free myself emotionally and fight my internal battle of acceptance.

  • Book on heroic entrepreneurship
I see a lot of potential to change the world in entrepreneurial endeavors. How do we ensure that these changes are for the better of the whole world, as a society and as a planet? This book is about closing the gap between doing good and earning money. These two goals do not need to be mutually exclusive and with this book I will explore a different perspective on how we can merge them together. I will also elaborate on practical steps how to minimize financial costs, find resources beyond kapitol and maximize your potential and others in savvy ways.

  • Online hero training modules
We need more heroes in this world. Ordinary people who are willing to take personal risks, smart risks, for a greater good. Psychology teaches us that helping others is what makes us happy. But there are many psychological obstacles that can keep of from doing what we know is right. These online training modules will give us insight on how these obstacles affect us and give us tools on how to overcome them.

  • Screenplay Him vs. Her
As empathetic as people are, we are inherently limited in our capacity to imagine life from the perspective of another human being. Specifically, to live life as a man or a woman, we can only imagine what how the other gender experiences the world. This movie is a classic love story, based on real life experiences, shown from both male and female perspective. It is an invitation to radically put yourself in another person’s shoes and expand your capacity to empathize and listen.

  • Life journey blog
This blog is like a journal that helps me express my most pressing questions and feelings. It helps me connect with the outside world in an abstract way. I am talking to nobody and everybody at the same time. I can often feel lonely and judged. They say it’s lonely at the top. Well, it’s also lonely anywhere where you choose to be different. This blog is a place where I choose to share my vulnerabilities with the world and question life openly.


  • Consultant/empathic listener
I'm always available and supporting people, strangers, friends and partners in their journey in whatever way I can help. I'm a good listener, networker and motivator. I help people figure out/define their values and purpose, help them gain insight into their dreams and help them effectively nurture their unique skills. I measure my success not by financial gain, but observing the positive impact that I have on my environment and the people around me.

  • Community spaces
I am interested in creating places where people live, work and share together in creative, innovative and experimental ways. Activities, events and places will be focused on ecological living and building, creating sustainable resource based systems independent of financial kapitol and art to inspire us and will help us reimagine a better future.

  • Crowdfunding/platform website
I am working on creating a platform that allows people to share their creations open sourced, to share their motivations and lifestyle, and to share their finances and support. Paul Stacey from Creative Commons says it best: “...(to bring people together who) all have a social mission. Their primary reason for being is to make the world a better place, not to profit. Money is a means to a social end, not the end itself.” This platform translates trust, consistency and credibility as currency. It is a democratic investment system where you vote for a better world with your creations, money and connections. 


  • Study psychology/business
In my journey in developing start ups and initiatives that can help shape and structure a world more fitting for happy humans and creating things that don’t exists yet, I always seek to learn new skills, find new insights and keep myself inspired by doing research into new fields. 


Casey Hunt: "you're a courageous woman with a grand vision for who you can be and a grand vision for what the world could be."

Dante Cuddy: “Hey, I wanted to tell you something. I've felt like I've been needing a vacation for a while. You being here felt like a vacation. It left me feeling inspired, invigorated, and capable. Thank you.That's all. I hope you enjoy your time in LA! 😜😁 I think you probably have a good influence on people. I like that about you.”

Daniel Lisi: “Thinking a lot about our conversations over the last few days. You sense this in yourself. I'm reiterating it here. You've an extraordinary ability to create a positive shift. You have the tools. You'll figure out how to allow yourself to flourish. I believe in you. It will be challenging. We're adjusting from a time that was built to stifle what you are bringing to the table. What you have to offer is necessary in shifting the paradigms we, and so many people, are uncomfortable with. You can and will succeed. Keep on the path. I'm here as a resource.”

$25 of $200 per month
When I reach $200 per month, I will have all my most basic needs met and be financially independent. If I choose to continue living very basic, this income will allow me to focus full-time on my projects without getting a job. 
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