C. Luxemvech

is creating art, stories, and general content that can mean things to people
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About C. Luxemvech

Hi there: I'm the person who's name is mentioned at the top of this page. For as long as I can remember I've been creating art of all kinds, from the crayon doodles that evolved into art like the one used for the banner, to the pretend stories of playtime that lead to the burning passion to draft out sprawling storylines and worlds for them to take place in, to the childhood fascination with the very notion of storytelling itself causing me to want to bring my own stories and ideas to the world at large. 

However, art and storytelling takes time, and that time necessitates being able to have time available to focus on it without fear of financial instability. Therefore, in order to achieve the goals I have for myself and my content at large, I'm going to need help from you all. While things may seem small here for now, with your help, I know we can make this project of mine rise to its full potential.

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