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Hi, my names Tristan! I created Medicine Bands because I want to redefine the way a business can be run. I want to do good in life, and if possible, a lot of good. I dream of a business structure where giving becomes the goal, and with growing influence expand to help larger quantities of people and start seeing real tangible healing in our world. I can't accomplish this on my own, which is why I'm here. I know I'm not the only one that would like to see a dramatic shift to good within our system and with your help, I want to make that happen. 

Now, a little more on Medicine Bands:

Each bracelet holds specific crystals to help you in your everyday journeys. Everyone needs a little help in life, and what better help than one that also complaints your wrist. With every five bracelets sold a tree is planted in Fort Collins, CO (my current residency). I hope you too find the magic in Medicine Bands a strive to live your best life everyday.

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