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About DetroitEXP

-Channel Goals-
My goal here is to document and share my exciting journeys as I film and photograph Michigan's rich abandoned history. It's my job to bring you things you've never seen before and show you what it's like on the other side. I will document my important story one building at a time.

With your donations, it will provide the extra step in expanding this organization much further than just state lines. The world has so much history to uncover and I plan to uncover anything and everything. Donations will be strictly put towards travel costs and eventual gear upgrades. The higher donations I receive, the further I will be able to expand my horizons. 

-Donation Rewards-
Eat charge will be for our bi-weekly uploads. These come out 3-4 times a month. We occasionally put out cinematic videos as well which take a bit more time to create and edit. 
$5 of $100 per Video
Cinematic appreciation video filmed in a very unique or special location
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