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For three years I have donated to help Domenic Anthony fund his rescue organization, SHELTER PAWS.  He has cared for and saved many but it is time to get a permanent place for the dogs to be safe --- and the great news is he has a plan for a sanctuary so he can rescue more dogs and also provide a place for the dogs that are not adoptable or are being rehabilitated.
The picture I chose to use is a pup on her trip to PetsMart for a new collar and leash and grooming.   She may be adoptable with more training and if adopted and for any reason the people need to return her he will take her as he has all of the dogs he has adopted out.  That is how this rescue won me over !  He truly makes a lifetime commitment to the dogs !

Now more than ever funds are needed to get a location secured for the dogs, the dogs at the temporary location were overstimulated with all the noise of the others and some got skinny from the anxiety and pacing and twirling.  He was working as fast as possible to get a better outlet.  He reached out to the MCACC and a local board and train guy.  The shelter said the dogs would be put back on the plan that was theirs - euthanasia - and the board and train guy was not willing to take any dogs without funding.   THE DOGS NEED YOU TO SUPPORT THEM.  These are the dogs that were saved from the E-List and many will be with him for the rest of their life. It is now critical to get something for the dogs.
After five years of putting all his energy, heart, soul, and money into saving these disposable dogs there is a crisis !  The local rescue community turned its back on Shelter Paws and have launched a full blown effort to destroy Domenic and his family.   The dogs were seized and now are being kept at MCSO MASH unit.  

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