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Hello fellow Bard's & welcome to The Bard's Guild!!! - My name is Mark Ayton (known on twitch as Lusty_Bard).  My whole life, I've been excited about learning, developing, & sharing musical creations with others - I hope to do this even more!.  I'm a multi-instrumental musician/composer, with a fascination for instrumental development, practice and exploration.   I'm at a point in my life where I want to start making composition & recording for others a more committed and serious thing!.  Everyday I wake up with musical ideas I wish I could share as soon as they are born.. but much work goes into this: especially if you're just one dude doing this alone.  I started streaming on twitch about a year ago, ( and sharing the process and joy with new friends on twitch has been AMAZING.   I'm looking to take this to the next level and commit more time over time to take these ideas and this excitement to the next level with YOU GUYS! - Also: if anyone has any ideas of WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME? (as a supporter reward): let me know! - Let's make this grow guys....  I have spent a lot of time making music alone & I really want to make this about people, and sharing what I have with hopes of actually making others happy.. in small ways.. My hope is that I can grow to being a positive personality in your life, in some small way, on stream or otherwise, that you can engage with, on stream or otherwise, whether you're a musician or not!
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GUARANTEED WEEKLY STREAM 8-10+ HOURS LONG (Friday or Sunday). If I reach $500 a month, I'll be able to take 1 day a week to stream & create music all day for all of you, to engage, hangout, ask questions, etc.  A stepping stone to more and more musical exploration & greater output of fun and finished material for us to all enjoy! :).   As everyone knows, finding time for anything 'extra' amidst normal work-days is close to impossible.  I'm looking to create one day a week where I am dedicated to streaming and connecting with all of you, and to guarantee major weekly process (what can be done in 1-day dedicated entirely to one task is huge! - I've had glimpses of this on the occasional day off!)
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