Bruce Guynn & Big Rain

is creating music to "Bring People Together"
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About Bruce Guynn & Big Rain

My name is Bruce Guynn. My last name is pronounced like (Gwinn). I have been a Singer Songwriter, musician, and touring artist professionally for many years. I am an indie artist best known as the founder of the band Big Rain, known as BRUCE GUYNN & BIG RAIN..

You may of heard my music on the radio over the years. We like to call it (THE REDWOOD COAST SOUND).

I am also founder of the label NEW COAST RECORDS. New Coast Records is the  platform for the music, and helps other artists bring great music to you.

I make music because it helps us all in so many ways, and brings joy to people. I love everything about making, and playing music. It is a kind of health care that helps people on every level. I feel music is the best way to share life's ups, and downs, bridge generational, social, and cultural divides. I am driven to share music, perform, sing, and play because it "brings people together".

"Bringing People People Together Through Music".

I am the messenger, and you are the ones who want to help. "In our own way together we can make this world a  better place, support creators, bring happiness, understanding, and inspire others to do the same".

Now you know a little bit about me - I WOULD LIKE TO GET TO KNOW YOU!

I want to involve YOU in this process by getting your feedback on songs, videos, my music projects, etc. I will be sharing, posts, video, and audio. You will be part of the evolution of the music, from concept, to lyrics, to a completed SINGLE, (EP) short MULTI SONG release, or FULL LENGTH ALBUM. YOU’ll also have input on album artwork, T-shirt designs, and other product ideas that supports our vision.

YOU - can also have input, and provide support in promotion of new release, and re-releases of music to radio stations, on all levels. That includes all forms of internet broadcast, and more.

When I have enough material for an album, I will put it together and you will have the first opportunity to get it at - DISCOUNTED PRICES - NOT ANYWHERE ELSE with your name on the artwork! You’ll also be able to get on the credits at the end of videos thanking you for making them happen.

In return, Patreon will allow you to pay me a small fixed monthly tip. You can sign up for as little as $3, or upgrade if you prefer some of the MORE PROLIFIC REWARDS, and CRAZIER FUN stuff . And, don’t worry if you don’t live in America – it’ll let you show your support in your own currency.

Just click the REDWOOD COAST SOUND BUTTON to stream my newest Album "Ocean of Souls" and previous Album "The Big Rain Cafe" at THE REDWOOD COAST SOUND I would love to have you on board!