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Patreon allows artists, writers, bloggers, videographers, climate activists, and pro-science / pro-future 'evolutionary evangelists' to get funded by their fans, friends, or patrons on a recurring basis. We’re starting a Patreon account because throughout the last 15 years of traveling North America and speaking to more than 2,000 secular and religious audiences, our policy has always been to give-it-away, give-it-away, give-it-away. When asked about our "fee" or "stipend" we reply... 

"We have no standard fee; rather, we prefer to trust the budget and generosity of the sponsoring organization or church. Most congregations offer a small honorarium (several hundred dollars), but the main way we’ve supported ourselves since April 2012 is by offering a table of books and DVDs for sale after our presentations. Follow-up programs are offered free of charge or on a love offering basis because we want the maximum number of people to experience the bridge-building deep sustainability message we're so passionate about."

Rather uniquely, we have always given people the right to make copies of our DVDs and to invite their friends, family, and neighbors to freely download the content of the 16G thumb drive they get from us. Each flash drive contains 40 videos of various lengths: 27 hours total of the best content we've created over the past decade and a half. 

You can see the full range by quickly scanning down one of these pages:

Whole 15 years: http://thegreatstory.org/new.html
Michael: http://thegreatstory.org/michaeldowd.html
Connie: http://thegreatstory.org/CB-writings.html

Thank you for your generous support!!
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