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About Shoujo Havoc

Hey - I'm Havoc! I got around to making one of these so that I could have a more interactive experience with those who support me and connect with fellow fans! I make illustrations for a variety of zines, game mods, merchandise lines for my main income, but then I'm not doing that I'm working on commissions from patrons like you. Help support me so that I can put even more time and energy into creating things - and you have a say in what!

Want to see what you're supporting? Feel free to look through more of my art on my website!
Shoujo Havoc's Art

Like what you see? SWEET! Right now I wanna draw: HxH, BNHA, and YYH!
I'm open to drawing: Vintage anime! Shoujo classics! I wanna hear your ideas!!

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At this goal I'll be able to make the patreon-only small physical items higher quality! (vinyl stickers, foil small prints, etc) Thank you so much!!
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