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This is an experiment, much like my life is an experiment, much like society is an experiment. Let me start by saying that I am nobody and that's precisely how I'd like it to remain. It's more often the nobody's that interest me. Like John Huston, I'm interested in the beautiful losers--those human beings who make our hearts swell with a juxtaposed sense of triumph and defeat--the lot I identify with the most, the lot that give me hope for the future, the lot that make us ask, "Is life a game transcribable to a spreadsheet with columns for tallying wins and losses?" Likely not, regardless of the opinion of our sitting president. 
     A man approached me yesterday morning after I purchased a pack of cigarettes at the neighborhood bodega, and asked if I had a dollar I could spare. I did not. What I did have was a plasma donation card with a positive balance. I bought the man a beer and in return he told me a story well worth the $1.50 price of the tall boy can. It was ultimately a tragic love story underscored with an endearing message of immutable truth regardless of theistic belief: God is love. A message which, as an atheist, makes me cringe slightly, but at the same time, a God that is love is a God I can accept, because love does exist and if a God must exist as Voltaire humorously asserted, then why should that God not be love? This man lost his woman while serving a short stint in the county jail for public intox which promised to extend into a two year all inclusive prison retreat. During a period of uncertainty the woman left him for a man who could better provide for her needs. The man bore no animosity, he only bore the sting of a broken heart. The sentiment reminded me of a Sam Cooke lyric: "Bring your sweet lovin' on home to me." The lack of fidelity was understandable, the lack of fidelity was forgivable, just bring your sweet loving back home. No such luck and the man responded with a dignified acceptance and an acute understanding. Another man passed by and said, "God is love." We all agreed. This was well worth the $1.50 price of the tall boy, say what you will about enabling. 
     And this is what interests me. I am not a consistent individual. I am consistent in that I waver between writing, playing music and occasionally taking pictures. I came across a Voltaire book years ago entitled, The Odalisque. It was published by the Voltaire Society in 1928 and I've been unable to find any information regarding its publishing or any information attributing the text to Voltaire. It's certainly written in the style of Voltaire and it relates the story of a disgraced eunuch banished from a Turkish seraglio. The book begins with both an American preface and a Turkish preface. According to the American preface: "If you find, as you suppose, faults against the rules of grammar, attribute them rather to your own misconceptions of the art than to mine own ignorance."
     According to the Turkish preface: "If you find herein certain faults against the rules of grammar, attribute them rather to my ignorance than to my laziness."
     I jokingly waver between both of these stances. I created this page many months ago and just now decided to launch. I initially stated that I would be creating musical musings, fictional fodder and stereoscopic imagery, or something to that effect. I will be primarily focused on writing. I no longer have access to a stereoscope, so while I can post previous stereoscopic pictures I've taken (I refer you to my profile pictures), I will not be taking any new stereoscopic pictures. Attribute my not changing this statement to my own laziness. As I said, this is an experiment and I don't know what will come of it.
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