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is creating Written, spoken, sung, filmed and painted expression

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Peace to you!
Thanks for being here : )
My name is Lily and I'm on earth to share story in a variety of art forms. 
I've been writing and studying the craft and ancient wisdom of expression, healing sciences, storytelling, song and rhyme for over a decade.  My latest discoveries have led me to a thesis of LIFE as art, growth as art, and healing as art.
  THIS is where I ask for your support on the journey of life as art/ist.

I am here to reach far and wide, connect and be of service to as many experiences on this earth as possible!
I am active with this intention in my everyday life, keeping myself healthy(cancer survivor), sharing art to keep people positive and inspired, supporting and coaching young adults through art therapy work, and recently taking on new clients to guide in creative and health breakthroughs (with a focus on shifting migraines and general chronic pain!)

on a functional and specific level- your contributions would be increasing budget for:
-production quality
-travel costs
-team resources/hiring support
-gear upgrades 
-web development 
-material printing
-overhead for AD

I have heaps of content I would like to share with you all for free, your generosity here will help me continue in that way!
A big perk of Patreon is that I will be posting EXCLUSIVE content and info here.  

Receiving your help will allow me and hold me accountable in awesome and more frequent sharing.  It will also really catalyze my continued work putting together the long term visions and intentions of a documentary, several events,  support other artists I strongly believe in, (virtual art gallery up on  CHOMP episodes which will be worked on and airing in 2019, and help me contribute to seed funding for several non profits I am involved with.

Thank you for Reading and I'm honored to have your support no matter what form it comes in, may we all continue to inspire eachother!

Blessup and Chompdown

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