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(As a tip for Patreon in general; Patreon processes your payments on the 1st of every month so be careful about pledging at the end of a month.)

Hi. I am a pixel artist, composer, original fiction writer, social justice warrior and nutritionist. I would like to make some fun, educational and interesting games and maybe some art and novels too. I am not too serious when it comes to art or music, but when it comes to stories, concepts, plots and game designs, I make my best effort. I do my best to make progress every day to tell stories that have never been told before.

Much of my content will involve fat or weight gain in some way so if you can't handle me going in that creative direction, you might not want to fund me. Still, I have some projects like Shadow Gaia which will be very light on these themes.

There may also be Yandere characters in some stories, but I am not sure where I will place them yet.

My plan of development is: 1. Magical Girl Castle 2. Fat Chasm  3. Jhale's Gynarchy 4. Shadow Gaia (I think it will be an interactive novel but it could also become just a novel) 5. Ouranos of the Pandemonium (also a novel or IF) 6. Primarily Female Fighting Game based on the previous games as well as unreleased titles.

After and before that point, I may make more things like self-help books and programs or side novels with the characters that would be included in the fighting games. All of my stories take place in the same universe, but they generally have very little plot tying between their stories. Also, if you really like my work, you may be able to have me join your team on a project or make an fulfill an art commission. My time is important though, so you will need to pay for my services.

MAGICAL GIRL CASTLE  is my first game (RPG Maker) project so I will reveal current information right now. 

1. The game is about 15% complete, most of it only being assets at this point. I plan to make a demo once the first area is completed and various home events are completed.
2. The theme is magical girls, but not in a traditional sense. They will have magical outfits, but they don't have repetitive transformations. The story is more grounded in reality and you are a magical girl in training, working alongside other magical girls to destroy a threat to the magical realm. These magical girls make others' days happier without usually getting involved in the same realm.
3. If you want a decent example of what this game is aiming for, look at Magical Camp by HLF. (Note that this game will be rated PG or even G while Magical Camp is a game with erotica content. Also, HLF is fine with people using a similar concept to their own game.) Just subtract the slow feminization and replace it with fighting against corruption/transformation leaning towards monster forms and you will understand a good bit of what this game will be like. Conversely, you will have a much higher ability in improving your stats.
4. The final product will be free, with the possibility of paid expansions only costing $2.
5. I plan to finish the game in 2019. I think I have a decent chance of finishing it by then if everything goes well, but I tend to have a lot of instability in my life, which is why this Patreon is pretty necessary.
$0 of $90 per month
When we hit $90 a month, commissioned artwork will start being used commonly for games and novels - supporting amateur artists - especially those dealing with fat.
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