Tom Healy

is creating A Construct to game maker studio converter

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My name is Tom Healy and i love to program!

What game am I working on atm? 

I'm working on Construct to Game Maker Studio Converter

Why do I need your help?

While i can program most of the features, i will need help on more the advanced side of things(such as spriter support) this requires money.

What is you work cycle?

Every hour I can spare goes into my program.

My aim is to release a monthly Alpha/beta of the program my game around April/May

I also aim to release a weekly video of what bugs I have fixed, features I have added, or just a general rant about what I hope to do next. 

$0 of $200 per month
200 a month will replace the current money i'm spending on board, power, water, internet etc. This means ill we be able to dedicate an extra ~20 hours a month to game development.
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