Katera Anu Merlin

is creating Writer- Language of light activation's.

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Greetings I am Katera, i am a spiritual light warrior, golden emerald guardian of mother earth. I have been travelling for many years with the group of Guardians as an anchor of the light. Creating peace and heaven on earth. I lived in Jordan for the last ten months and for a while now i have been guided to write about my experiences, and lessons learnt during my life journey. I have been on my path for as long as i can remember, and now its time to share the gifts i have received with the world.  Atheena shared this amazing opportunity with me, looking forward to sharing, the codes of love truth and wisdom with all eyes that wish to see, within my own personal growth and life expereinces. I also speak the language of light, which i wish to help many shift through the lower vibrations that keep them locked in the lower dimensions, the language of light by passes through the human ego, and  connects directly to the soul, to release all that is blocking you from becoming one with your soul, to unite heaven and earth within the one that you are now. CHRIST AWAKENED... 
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