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About UBC Free Speech Club

Hey everyone!

We're the UBC Free Speech Club and we're here to raise money to fund our events. Here's an overview of what we're working on so far and what your donations will be going towards:

- Regular student-led talks and debates
- Bringing Milo Yiannopoulos to UBC
- Bringing Ben Shapiro to UBC
- A joint screening of "The Red Pill" and "Silenced", in collaboration with another organization
- Club-funded pub nights and networking events (lowest priority)

We have some other ideas but these are what are actively in the works as of right now. This post is in no way a guarantee that these will come to pass, but we can say we're working hard to make them happen and that we're *highly* optimistic. Thanks for any donations you feel like sending our way, and we hope this term exceeds your expectations!
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