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About Ilanthar

A few words about me
I'm a long time pen and paper RPG player and worldbuilder for the purpose of playing. I'm french and making maps has always been a passion. I think I've made lots of progress these last few years, both in making maps/illustrations, and in writing consistent bakgrounds for my different worlds "in the making".
I love to develop history, theology, cities, cultures, languages, technologies and of course everything related to my imaginary countries. The maps are a constant "backbone" to my worldbuilding, helping me to better represent what those countries and cites look like.

Luxury House

Pleaides Atlas / Argona Cartographers Guild / Argonautes Society stamp

Argona City
The flying city of Argona is the most important place of my Eldoran setting. It's a city full of magic and weird science, well organized and with a certain "alternate 19th century". There are more than 20 species other than humans you can find here and some greek/norse myth revisited in an alternate and weird world. If you want a quick idea of the setting, think "Dishonored", "Perdido Street Station" or the old "Arcanum".
The old city map I did won a cartographer's choice award on the Cartographers Guild and I intend to redesign it and to give it a proper City Guide.
The City Guide will cover each district a little like a tourist guide implemented with diverse useful informations. For every district, the main locations will get a map and a description and possibly some "typical" buildings.

                                                               My old Argona City map
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I will probably consider building a dedicated site for map&art commissions.
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