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is creating worldbuilding blog posts and fantasy/urban fantasy fiction
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About Brent Stypczynski

Hi, I'm Brent Stypczynski, and I'm a compulsive worldbuilder and author of The Modern Literary Werewolf.  I have also written for Pyramid Magazine (SJGames), The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, and Extrapolation in addition to being an editor for LATCH.  I put together a variety of world projects for role-playing and short fiction.  My regular job is Learning Support Specialist (fancy name for a writing tutor) for a community college, supplemented by freelance resume writing and freelance editing.  The time that I have left after work and family is split between reading (fantasy, urban fantasy, some sci-fi, and history) and writing, both dabbling in fiction and worldbuilding.  Some of that writing appears on Worlds in the Net, where I often write about elements of worldbuilding and writing in general.  Ultimately, I would like to spend less time writing resumes and more time blogging, worldbuilding, and fiction writing.  Since Worlds has garnered a modest following and people seem to like and get something out of my posts, I've decided to try out bringing in some income to shift my time more toward the fun writing.  Become a patron and support me converting my blog posts into a full length book.
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