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About MIGHT Paranormal

My name is Josh Collins, I am the founder of Manifestation Investigations Ghost Hunting Team (its a mouthful we know, lol) based out of Pittsfield, IL. We do not and never will charge for our services for what we do.  We started the group way back in 2005, making this group almost 12 years old. 
We are looking to put together a series of paranormal documentaries, around Illinois and some parts of Indiana and Missouri.  We want to highlight some great places around the area and beyond to bring about their history and possibly save these places from getting torn down, so future generations will have the ability to see these places for themselves. 
I know that one individual can make a difference but I also know that together we will be able to make this a successful journey into the weird, frightful and unusual...possibly even hilarious adventure.

Thanks for anything you guys can do for us.  We want to make this happen.
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We need better video equipment. We use our phones for filming but the quality isnt quite where we want to be. 
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