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is creating Videos and Research into Historical Martial Arts of Europe

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My passion is Historic European Martial Arts, that is the study and practise of martial arts native to Europe rediscovered in old treatises in libraries throughout the world. More people are becoming interested in these forgotten martial arts and as such there is increasing activity in this specialised small field every year. I have been actively researching and teaching these arts for almost 20 years or so and have built quite a large club of of over 50 interested people in and around Hannover Germany since 2005. I started in Early Medieval re-enactment in 1981, and this plus my teaching of these martial arts gives me approximately 35 years experience. I am currently actively researching the following weapons;
Italian Longsword Master Fiore dei Liberi
German longsword Master Sigmund Ringeck
Medieval Italian Arming Sword Master Fiore dei Liberi
Italian Dagger Master Fiore dei Liberi
Italian Wrestling Master Fiore dei Liberi
Italian Spear Master Fiore dei Liberi
Sword and Buckler I.33 Tower Fechtbuch
Sword and Shield Viking Era Personal research
Langesmesse Master Leckuchner
Italian Rapier Various Masters

To effectively continue my personal development that I meet other instructors and participate in their workshops. Doing so also affords the opportunity is a good opportunity to do field research and examine weapons in museums. In order to do this I have to travel, this travel is usually in Europe though it has at times been in the USA or even further afield. Since I became married and having two beautiful children this aspect has become more difficult. Due to the constraints on money and time I have to carefully decide where I go and sometimes it is impossible to find a venue that fits these constraints. That said my primary issue in these situations is the time I will take off my teaching and paid classes. Hence at $400/month it is entirely manageable to meet my commitments as a father and a teacher.

As part of my first goal I wish to reach out to people in various parts of the world who maybe cannot fund a normal priced workshop. I would like to offer them free workshops where they only have to find my accommodation , food and local transport. I would pay for the whole travel to and from the target country, which could be a substantial amount. Personally I would like to do a minimum of 3 or 4 a year of these free workshops. I have already offered 2 of these workshops, the first of which I fulfilled in Greece in 2016. It is a fantastic feeling to meet new people and to share amazing information about HEMA. It is essential for further development of the instructor and for the arts themselves, because it is only through practise that progress can be made.
The next goal I wish to reach is that of the creation of a video library of peoples interpretations of techniques, something I conceived of in 2005. This would be a repository of information in video format where interpretations can be stored and used as a comparison to other variations people have developed. This should facilitate a increased transfer of knowledge and would be available to students and instructors alike, to use as a template against their own interpretations and ideas. This will require its own website and also a reasonable amount of administration.
Within the same sphere I wish to start producing training videos again and to start on Online Courses so that there is as great an opportunity to access HEMA material as possible from my Arts of Mars website. This will benefit not only my students but others around the world who wish to access it.
To reach these goals will require a reasonably good video camera and also microphones and other sound equipment and money to administrate the website. This is Goal 2 and will be reached when we have the target value of $600 a month.

If I can reach the goal of $800 per month my aim is to buy equipment for my training areas so that the students can expand there ability to learn. I need new safety gear for at least 10 people and a place to store the material. This gear will allow us to extend the type of training that we do and to do more sparring training within the group. We will also be able to invite other groups and individuals to train with us, safe in the knowledge that we have adequate amounts of safety gear.

The group that I have in Hannover is growing all the time and space is becoming a problem. I have been planning for some time to move to a more central place in Hannover, so as we can easily accommodate more people safely. Each pair of practitioners needs about 8 - 10 square meters of space to train in, and of course more is better. If we can obtain our own place in the centre of Hannover we can increase the number of classes per week and cover more weapon types. We can store all the equipment in one place. We can then also pay a small amount to our trainers and instructors, who otherwise would be giving their time and energy for free. This goal would be achieved when the contributions had reached $1000 per month.
It is very important for my students that I can develop my own skills and abilities. I think it is essential not only to meet other like minded people but also to train regularly on ideas, concepts and suggestions. With this in mind I want to improve my own training facilities at my home so that I can become better at my craft and be able to do personal training in an effective environment. This is a very important aim for me personally. So the last goal is to renovate a room I have in a building next to my house. This will make private classes possible in winter and summer, and allows for my ongoing personal improvement. This goal will be reached at $1200 per month.

This is my website
$0.77 of $400 per month
Goal 1
This goal will allow me to do Events & Research:
  • Go to more Sword & HEMA events and and learn off other instructors;
  • Give free on location workshops anywhere in the world to groups who would generally not be able to afford a workshop.
  • Field Research parallel to events, at museums and weapon collections.
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