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About - Journal of Downtown Toronto

In November 2016, The Bulletin ceased production of its print edition. After almost 20 years of covering Toronto's downtown core with a unique angle that brought local people and local stories to the front, we decided to try to keep going with

Unfortunately, our revenue model for The Bulletin had been entirely based on sales of ads in the print edition. Until and unless we can raise funds to pay writers for new articles for the web site, we will have very little new, original and in-person coverage of local stories.

We hope that you, as a Downtown resident and long-time reader, would be willing to help us achieve our goals to get The Bulletin's writers back out to community events and meetings.

Cover photo courtesy of Dan Phillips.

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$500.00 per month should be enough to fund the production of a few original local articles from our five regular writers each month. We want to keep their meagre paychecks flowing.
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