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About The Warships Podcast

We are the Warships Podcast! Our co-hosts are Kelorn, Kamisamurai, and Vanessaira. 

Kelorn has been playing since the Beta Weekend tests and considers himself to be a Battleship and Cruiser player, primarily. He joined the Overpowered Gaming community both to learn from better players and to pass on the skills he'd learned. An active member of the Warships community, he writes for in addition to Podcast work.

Kamisamurai is a Twitch Streamer with almost 3,000 twitch followers and streams six days a week! He's been an important part of Overpowered Gaming early on and has the highest overall winrate on the NA server. 

Vanessaira, like Kelorn, has been playing since the Beta Weekend tests and is a battleship brawling specialist. Also a member of Overpowered Gaming, she loves to get into the middle of a fight, all guns blazing!
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