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Whoa, hey guys
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Look can I just hold a dollar I promise you won't regret it
You're pretty rad
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I don't know what I did to deserve 3$ but maybe if Rustle ever ships me that drawing tablet I'll give you a doodle
Hey that's almost ten bucks!
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You've provided me with 5 dollars that I would otherwise not have because I am a poor boy from a poor family




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About Kenji

Alright so I'm really poor, and I work a lame job at a bakery, while I go to school to be an English teacher. In the meantime I have to help support my family through my small paychecks, and it makes it so I can't do much stuff.

BUT, I did see that some yuri fanfiction writer makes 123$ bucks a month on here to write lackluster Yuri fanfiction so if you give me money I will probably just make videos about which Touhou Project girls smell the best
I'm not going to lie to you
$0 of $15 per month
I'll get to work on researching for my Touhou lore videos on my YouTube Channel!
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